Our technology is:

serving the legal distribution of medicines.

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Setting up the Meditect solution is an agile and flexible process; it is adaptable to all pharmaceutical companies' production lines.


We developed smartphone-centric solutions to match the stupendous growth in mobile devices' adoption in Africa.


The authors' digital signature and the integrity of the information registered on the blockchain are guaranteed. Data is unforgeable.


Data privacy is guaranteed by end-to-end encryption and cryptographic protocols. It is only be accessible to authorized third parties.

What is blockchain?

A disruptive technology for decentralized, secure and transparent information storage and transfer.

Neutral system

Setting up Meditect does not require any industrial investment. Following the recent European Falsified Medicines Directive of February 2019, pharmaceutical companies have set up serialization infrastructures for products intended for the European market. Meditect proposes to transform this regulatory constraint into an economic opportunity for the African market, by serializing exported products. The process is simple, fast and efficient.

Distributed ledger

Meditect dedicates a R&D program to the constant improvement of its blockchain. Available in open-source, this technology can ensure the traceability of all medicines circulating in Africa in a decentralized manner. It is a robust and proven technology that allows data safeguarding in an unalterable way.

Multi-platform applications

The Meditect applications are compatible with many different versions of iOS and Android, as well as via the webapp. The services are available free of charge.